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      Coming Home

      Coming Home

      Bryan Adams

      Album: You Want It, You Got It

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      Bryan Adams - Coming Home Música y Letra

      All those nights i've spent alone
      uninspired, to tired and wasted,
      there's lots of times
      i'd have telephoned,
      i couldn't find the words to say them.
      i'm comin' home, lord, i'm comin' home. 
      I'll make it short, i'll make it sweet,
      make it up to you, i mean it.
      i'm not the same guy i used to be,
      what can i do to make you believe it?
      comin' home, i'm comin' home,
      comin' home, i'm comin' home.
      Only seems like yesterday,
      you and i were sayin' good-bye.
      now i'm just a few miles away,
      gonna see you tonight. 
      I've been alone and i've lived the pain,
      i reached for you in desperatin.
      i was wrong - i'll take the blame,
      i need you back now, i just can't wait.
      i'm comin' home, yeah, i'm comin' home,
      won't you wait, i'm comin' home,
      comin' home, wait it out,
      comin' home.

      Bryan Adams - Coming Home Música y Letra



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