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      Fallen Angel

      Fallen Angel


      Album: Forever Young

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      Alphaville - Fallen Angel Música y Letra

      I hear those voices on the radio
      I switched it off because she told me so
      She´s an investigator
      She´s like an elivator
      Nobody told me we´d be all alone
      You know
      Somewhere my friend he´d left me
      In that red light zone
      You know
      She said: I´ve seen your deepest secrets, son
      They´re just as lightning
      In the look of your eyes
      I said: I want you, Baby,
      I said: I want some more
      I said: I never ever felt it like that moment before
      She´s an assassin,
      She´s melting steel in my heart
      But I beg for more.
      She said: I want your body,
      She said: I want your soul
      She said: A fallen angel takes it but she´ll never let go
      She´s an invader -
      She´s from another world
      But I beg for more and more
      She´s raising feelings cutting like a knife
      She´s pouring fire into my liquid life
      There´s no escaping from her mysteries,
      She gives my kisses of the strangest kind
      She says: I know you´ll like it,
      So come over here
      She says: Just let that rhythm filter
      Through your body, dear
      and then she...
      She always did it and she always will
      She´ll stay that hunter
      ´till the end of time

      Alphaville - Fallen Angel Música y Letra



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