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      Can't forget you

      Can't forget you

      Gloria Estefan

      Album: Into The Light

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      Gloria Estefan - Can't forget you Música y Letra

      There's a part of me that's dying every time I hear your name 
      There's a part of me that's trying to bring back your love again 
      There are times when I just want to run, but there's no place to hide 
      Even though mu heart is breaking in a million bits inside 
      I can make believe that none of this is true 
      But I can't forget you, can't break free 
      I only have myself to blame, nothing feels the same without you 
      Can't you see, we can find tomorrow what we lost yesterday 
      What we lost yesterday 
      There are nights when I lay wide awake thinking of how good it could be 
      Other nights I don't feel worthy of the love you gave to me 
      I remember not too long ago we both were here to stay 
      But it seems it happened overnight when I threw it all away 
      I can walk away anf find somebody new ((x2) Coro) 
      Hope that I can make you love me once again But I can't forget you

      Gloria Estefan - Can't forget you Música y Letra



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